Xirrus® High Performance Wireless Networks

Xirrus High Performance Networks

Xirrus® was founded on the premise that wireless would replace wired as the primary choice for network access - and they continue to hold that vision - transforming wired to wireless by providing the most powerful, scalable, and simple wireless access solutions to organizations who depend on it for day-to-day operations.

  • Wireless Access Points
  • Wired Switches
  • Network Management and Software
  • Cloud Services
  • Accessories

Through product invention and system design, commitment to customer success, and the industry's best price performance, Xirrus® gives you confidence that your wireless network performs when and where needed.

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Xirrus delivers the only Wi-Fi solutions that:

  • Let you manage from the cloud, on-premise or standalone
  • Eliminate “rip-and-replace” expenses by using an adaptable platform
  • Ensure a superior user experience with solutions right-sized for all density needs
  • Reduce installation and equipment up to 75% by using fewer access points

Xirrus Wireless Solution Case Studies

Enterprise Solutions

Wireless done right can be a strategic IT advantage that enables your employees to do more than ever before. Xirrus delivers wireless solutions for the enterprise that are robust, simple to operate, and extend the reach of your network beyond traditional departmental boundaries.

Xirrus Paul Hastings Case Study
Case Study: Paul Hastings

Primary / Secondary Education

Mobile technology adoption in the classroom enhances learning by enablingteachers to engage students in new, more effective ways. Xirrus delivers wireless that is scalable, simple to deploy, and very cost effective.

Xirrus International School of Luxembourg Case Study
Case Study: International School of Luxembourg

Higher Education

Students and faculty need wireless on campus everywhere. Xirrus wireless solutions scale to handle requirementsfrom basic to very dense,yet are simple to manage and very cost effective.

Xirrus Carnegie Mellon University Case Study
Case Study: Carnegie Mellon University

Convention and Meeting Venues

Convention center wireless requires scale they represent some of the densest deployments found anywhere. Xirrus wireless solutions are unmatched for scale - supporting tens of thousands of users at one time.

Xirrus Melbourne Convention Center Case Study
Case Study: Melbourne Convention Center

Sports / Entertainment Venues

Sporting venues represent some of the most challenging Wi-Fi environments found anywhere. Xirrus provides a flexible range of wireless solutions to support high-density deployments coupled to revenue-generating services.

Xirrus Liverpool Foorball Club Case Study
Case Study: Liverpool Football Club

Carrier Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi provides a complimentary option for operators scaling network capacity and increasing footprint. Xirrus provides a flexible set of wireless solutions to support a wide range of indoor and outdoor scenarios.

Xirrus Carrier Wi-Fi Case Study
WhitePaper: PassPoint


Poor Wi-Fi is all too frequent an experience in hotels. But poor service no longer cuts it customers will go elsewhere. Xirrus wireless delivers robust, low cost service in the rooms and scales to support density requirements in public areas.

Saatchi Gallery Xirrus Case Study
Case Study: Saatchi Gallery


Mobile care delivery is a fundamental element in healthcare, but it relies on wireless service that functions without compromise. Xirrus provides wireless solutions for healthcare that ensure reliable, mission-critical operation for all types of untethered devices.

Xirrus Liverpool Hospital Case Study
Case Study: Liverpool Women's Hospital


Mobility is reaching every branch of government as previous No Wireless policies are being reconsidered. Xirrus provides wireless solutions for government entities that ensure secure and mission-critical operation for all types of wireless devices.

Case Study: US Marines
Case Study: US Marines
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