Wireless Backhaul & Point to Point Solutions

Point to Point Backhauls

Our specialists will deliver great performance / high reliability point-to-point wireless solutions. They are excellently suited for small, medium, large organizations, all the way up to enterprise-level installations.

The equipment that we use combines the latest wireless technologies to achieve the best results - and to provide excellent performance for our clients, at a reasonable price.

Some examples of back haul solutions:

  • IP and Cellular backhaul
  • Broadband access connectivity
  • Connectivity in rural locations
  • Your private network
  • Surveillance and Security

Rural locations often have a very limited and fixed network infrastructure.

As a result, it wouldn't make financial sense for an I.S.P. to run wire or cable to each customer. The only appropriate option would be wireless connectivity.

That's where we come in. After a complete site survey and needs assessment, we can design the perfect point-to-point solution for your organization.

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