Wireless Solution Training

Optrics Wireless Network Training

Training on your wireless solution will take several forms.

  • Online training
  • In-house training
  • Training levels
    • Admin (technical)
    • End-user (non-technical)
  • Access point installation
  • Access point configuration & updates
  • Wireless router configuration & updates
  • Configuring access and administration

note: The points above are just a basic high-level outline of some areas that training can touch on.

Actual training would also touch on specific areas of your own installation, as well as in-depth use and configuration of any software and hardware items, or even as specific a deep-dive as required.

  • Daily administration of the system
  • Best practices for your solution
  • Software use and updating
  • Adding users and provisioning them
  • Restricting user access
  • Allowing for temporary access
    • temporary workers
    • visiting sales people
    • visiting guests
    • restricting access (part-time access)
  • Troubleshooting the network
  • Knowing when an upgrade is needed
  • When to add access points
  • Quality of service - determining when there's an issue
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