Wireless Site Survey

Our solution specialists will arrange a visit to your location to perform a Wireless Site Survey which will help determine the products that will best suit your organization's needs. It will also allow them to perform several tests to determine any issues with interference, layout and other conditions.

Edmonton Wireless Site Survey Heat Map

Though each one is specially made to address your needs, they can include areas such as:

  • Look at your current environment.
  • Determine problems and challenges.
  • What are your current needs? (guest access, etc.)
  • What are your future needs (expansion, branch offices)
  • What is your skill set? Will you need support and ongoing assistance with your solution?
  • Do you want us to do 2nd level support?
  • Perform a physical check:
    • Layout of the premises
    • Obstacles to wireless (walls, infrastructure etc.)
    • Are there outdoors wireless needs?
  • Do you currently have wireless?
    • What have been the challenges?
    • What shortfalls have you encountered?
  • Implications of "BYOD" (Bring Your Own Device)
Free Consultation

Make Recommendations

At this point we can start advising you on possible products and solutions.

We can also make a recommendation on possible solutions for:

  • Back-up Solutions
  • Expansion
  • Branch Offices
  • Point-to-Point
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions